Frequently Asked Questions

What is the United Way?

The United way is a partnership among corporations, public and private agencies, donors and volunteers working together to address critical issues challenging our families and our communities.

Who does the United Way serve?

People in need. They may include you, your family, neighbors and friends. Last year, your contributions benefited Will County residents through programs offered by 43 partner agencies.

Who operates the United Way?

The United Way is managed by people like you! They are concerned individuals who volunteer their time and talent. Volunteers are involved in raising money, distributing funds to worthy programs, monitoring agency performance and serving on agency boards and committees.

Who decides where the money goes?

More than 40 volunteers representing all segments of Will County serve on the various program and allocations committees. These volunteers are very careful to ensure that our contributions go to those agencies that serve people with the greatest needs.

How much of my contribution actually goes to helping people?

Approximately 90 cents out of every dollar goes directly to helping people in need. The remaining 10 cents pays for campaign expenses and year-round administration. All dollars raised stay local.

When I give to United Way, how will my money help people?

United Way of Will County addresses a diversity of human care issues. Through your gift, United Way is able to fund emergency food and shelter programs for the homeless, scouting programs for youth and programs for senior citizens. In addition, adults and children with disabilities, the homebound elderly and abused men,women and children are helped. Your gift also helps support agencies that provide treatment to substance abusers and their families.

Why ask employees to give?

The employee campaign is a major part of the United Way fund-raising campaign. Most of the charitable giving in the United States comes from individuals. However, another major segment of United Way support is contributions from corporations and local businesses. With almost no exceptions, companies that participate in United Way employee campaigns also make significant corporate contributions.

Why should my business support United Way?

For years, business leaders have decried the ever increasing role of government in areas which were once the responsibility of local communities and private initiatives. Today, the responsibility for social services is back in the local communities. United Way provides a means for meeting this responsibility effectively and efficiently. Through one gift, support is given to a wide variety of vital human services and programs.

My spouse already gives at work, why should I contribute?

United Way depends on each wage-earning person to give his or her share. In the majority of families, both husband and wife are wage earners. Human care needs can be more effectively met with each of us playing a part.

I don_t use any of the member agencies, so why should I give?

Not one of us ever expects to be faced with a terminal illness, birth defects or a tragic accident. When these things do happen, you will ask “Where can I turn?” The answer, in many instances, will be to a United Way- supported member agency right here in Will County.

I already give to a charity of my choice, why should I give to United Way?

We all have our favorite charities, but there are some community problems that cannot be solved by one single organization. A program of skilled and coordinated planning can most economically and efficiently meet our community’s total needs.

Why should I give if I feel pressured?

United Way has a written policy against coercion. It states that giving is strictly a personal decision. When an organization or individual pressures anyone, the very idea of voluntary giving is ruined. Giving should come from the heart.

Whom do I call if I or someone I know needs help?

Crisis Line of Will County, a 24-hour information and referral service, will help you locate the service you need. Crisis Line is supported by the United Way and is operated by trained professionals and volunteers. Call (815)722-3344. The service is free and confidential.

Do United Way agencies charge a fee for using some services?

Almost all United Way agencies provide services on a sliding fee scale. Those who are able to pay for services do, while those who are less able to pay are not denied services because of their financial situation. Philosophically, we believe that people value the service more if they have contributed to its support.

Why do I pay for services at a United Way agency?

Almost all voluntary agencies derive funds from several sources. Among these are fees for service. Frequently, these fees are based on the ability to pay. However, if voluntary agencies did not receive charitable contributions, most would be forced to close their doors or raise fees to a prohibitive level. the best site to buy replica watches online. High quality watches, unbeatable prices, and fast shipping!